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Sofia Juliette

Miracle Eye Mascara

Miracle Eye Mascara

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100% Natural Ingredients 

Vegan ūüĆĪ¬†


Eco friendly 

Cruelty Free 

Miracle Mascara is a waterproof mascara made of natural ingredients, which promotes eyelash growth while repairing, thickening and curling your lashes too. 

Each bottle is infused with peptides and amino acids that stimulate volume, fullness and growth. Each application will help you bring out your natural beauty. Miracle Mascara nourishes and makes your lashes become healthier and longer naturally. 


It lasts all day long without leaving any black residues under your eyes or your eyelids as the day goes.

It is very easy to take off. Use a little bit of hot water and soap or cleanser to remove it.


Enhance your natural beauty with this natural waterproof mascara!



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