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Sofia Juliette

Miracle Hair Serum

Miracle Hair Serum

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If your hair is dry, damaged, without vitality and you want to repair it, give it luminosity and make it shiny and silky this is your go to!


Tocopherol (vitamin E):

Vitamin E is one of the most effective vitamins not only for maintaining good internal health, but also for skin and hair care.

- It stimulates the production of sebum, generating greater hydration in the hair.

- This vitamin improves blood flow to the scalp, stimulating the better absorption of nutrients, this results in healthier hair.

- It helps prevent and stop hair loss.

- Vitamin E, due to its essential oil components, repairs dry and split ends, preventing hair from breaking.

- Naturally combats dryness, not only leaving hair soft but also silky.


Olive Oil:

It has many hair benefits:
It helps maintain your natural hydration, making you hair growth stronger, healthier and brighter.
It improves hair elasticity.
It nourishes and repairs the scalp.
It stimulates hair growth.
It strengthens hair follicles to prevent breakage and fall.
It is the best remedy against split ends.



 It is a source of high quality essential fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins and helps prevent and treat all kinds of cosmetic problems of the skin and hair.

It can promote healthy hair growth, combat dryness, act as a natural conditioner (to leave hair nourished and shiny), control frizz, protect the scalp, and most of all, help seal split ends.


Hydrogenated Shea Butter:

  • Softens and hydrates hair: it is ideal for treating dryness and fragility of afro hair.
  • Sunscreen: creates a layer that protects from the aggressions caused by ultraviolet rays. It is ideal to also protect dyed or chemically treated hair. It also helps protect gray hair from yellowing.
  • Protects against heat: applying it before using the dryer will prevent damage caused by heat.
  • Combats dry scalp: it is a source of hydration to combat dryness and fragility of damaged hair and dry scalp. Its anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory benefits are known, hence why it is so widely used in the cosmetic world.
  • Afro hair sealant: our hair has a tendency to dry out more than any other type of hair. Thanks to the properties of shea butter, it is ideal for sealing hair without making it greasy or stiff.


Hydrolyzed Collagen:

Collagen for hair is the key to healthy and strong growth, as well as shiny and thick. These proteins, like biotin and zinc, are essential for the skin and hair, but with the passage of time the production of hair follicles and fibers that give them shape decreases. As a consequence of this lack, our hair dulls, becomes weak, brittle, ugly, dull and can even fall out. Therefore, using collagen treatments will be essential to take care of the hair and prevent it from falling out.

Collagen is part of the hair structure and is responsible for providing firmness, elasticity, body and smoothness. It brings many benefits since it is capable of revitalizing tremendously damaged manes with split ends that cannot be repaired with a cut.

It counteracts hair loss. It keeps hair strong and resistant thanks to its composition of essential amino acids. It helps faster hair growth.


Camellia Seed Oil:

Softens hair and makes it more manageable.
Restores the natural shine of the hair.
Helps hair retain moisture.
It constitutes a barrier against environmental pollutants.
Repair break and split ends.
It is a treatment for dry and itchy scalp.
Helps prevent dandruff.
Treats damage caused by perms and colorings.

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