Nano Gold

Nano Gold

Gold is one of the purest metals in the world.  It has been used for a long time in medicine because it is very difficult for it to produce rejection by the human body.

It is highly stable and it is unlikely to produce any allergies.


How 24k gold can penetrate the skin to be active and have the functions assigned to it? 

The only penetration system is to include it in a colloidal formula in the form of nano-particles, they are solutions that we call micellar.

The most common concentration of this solution in cosmetics is 1000 PPM.


 What are the benefits of using Nano Gold in Skincare or Cosmetics?

  1. Nano Gold gives luminosity to the skin, since it stimulates blood micro-circulation.
  2. By improving circulation, it helps to reduce dark circles and revitalize the skin.
  3. It has a tensor and regenerative effect, since it activates the micro-circulation.
  4. It improves the formation of cells in the basal layer and in turn stimulates cell growth.
  5. Gold improves the formation of collagen, which helps to keep the skin elastic.
  6. Collagen tends to concentrate around gold, increasing the capillarity and improving the cellular regeneration of the skin.
  7. When this cellular capillarity increases and blood circulation is activated, it improves the supply of nutrients and the activation of the epidermis, and there for, the formation of collagen and elastin, this improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  8. By improving the supply of nutrients the skin is more hydrated and luminous.
  9. Gold, in turn, acts as an antioxidant by preventing the formation and accumulation of free radicals.


The best news are that we have got a range of products with 24K Nano Gold particles on them, such as Magie D’Or, Eye and Lip Masks, Face Scrub and Peel Off Make!  So don’t wait anymore and start glowing with our 24K Gold range today!  

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