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Be Restored Face Capsule

Be Restored Face Capsule

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This is an anti-aging face capsule that suits, normal, irritated, sensitive, dry, and damaged skins.
If your skin is dehydrated this is what you need as its principal actives highly hydrate your skin leaving it soft, luminous, and full of radiance.
Rich in components like bisabol, Vitamin E, Sodium Hyaluronate, Oligopeptides 1,2,5, Chamomile Extract, and other natural ingredients, will calm and sooth your skin while reducing those sings of aging, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and lifting skin.
For more detailed information, read full description below.


It has high calming power, very effective on treating irritated skin and redness, It has also anti-inflammatory properties that make it a basic ingredient after shaving or waxing. In addition, it protects the skin from free radicals and restores the sensation of skin well-being.

This active ingredient also purifies the skin, improves skin tone and delays aging. It is an ingredient that prevents the creation of melanin and therefore reduces pigmentation and provides an illuminating effect to the skin.


Tocopherol (vitamin E):

It has a powerful anti-aging effect on the skin. It is a perfect ally to treat blemishes on the face caused by the passage of time.
It protects your skin against UVB rays, pollution and external agents that damage the skin.
It has many positive effects to prevent and treat acne, as well as possible flaking or blemishes on the skin.
It is highly recommended to use it on scars and burns.


Sodium Hyaluronate:

Capable to penetrate the dermis where it can protect against collagen and elastin depletion from free radicals caused by UV damage. It is able to aid in the production of collagen and elastin while reducing the effects of fine lines and wrinkles caused by a lack of protein in the skin. It is capable of retaining large amounts of water, delivering moisture to the skin and retaining it, allowing for smoother skin with longer lasting hydration. Can restore dry skin by replenishing moisture.
Ideal for all skin types as it does not leave a greasy feeling on the skin.


Oligopeptide-1 and 2: 

It is the Human Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF, as its acronym in English) indicated in the colon bacillus produced by bioengineered technology. It is composed of 53 amino acids with a molecular with 6,200 Daltons. EGF is one of the most important growth factors in the human body, it can accelerate the growth of epidermal cells, nerve cells, and epithelial cells in organ tissues. EGF is an important ingredient in cosmetics for anti-wrinkle and anti-aging purposes.


Oligopeptide-5: It can promote the proliferation of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It can also be used to increase the water content in the skin and the thickness of the dermis and to reduce microgrooves. Its main task is to improve the elasticity of the skin, but it can also increase the thickness of the skin. This product stimulates cell communication and also repairs age-related skin damage. It exhibits incredible anti-aging, wrinkle-smoothing and skin barrier repair effects.


Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil:

If acne is one of your main enemies that never quite leaves your face, it's time you gave jojoba oil a try. The extract that comes from the seeds of the jojoba bush has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, making it perfect for fighting these hormonal skin eruptions.

In addition to thoroughly cleaning the pores, having antimicrobial components prevents these skin encysties from recurring while calming and deflating the skin, eliminating these annoying redness that appears on the face.

It will also help you a lot if you have small spots or marks on the skin, as it penetrates the dermis and heals until the friction is visibly reduced and eliminated.


Pelargonium (PELARGONIUM GRAVEOLENS) Extract: 

It has antimicrobial properties so it is effective against acne. It is decongestant and softening. For this reason it is used on burned skin by the sun or that suffer irritations or burns of all kinds.
It is a powerful remedy against stretch marks and eczema.


Golden Chamomile (CHRYSANTHELLUM INDICUM) Extract:

It stabilizes skin and has a calming action on nerve endings. It leaves skin rested and relaxed. It also has detoxifying, cleansing, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties; For this reason, it is ideal for keeping skin deflated and decongested.
In summary, we can say that chamomile, although it is especially indicated for sensitive skin, is a natural ingredient suitable for all skin types, and its inclusion in cosmetics provides hydration, purification and relaxation.


Sophora Sophora (SOPHORA ANGUSTIFOLIA) Root Extract:

Due to its essential oil and flavonoid content, it has anti-irritant, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.
The extract of Sophora Japonica flowers as a source of antioxidants turns out to be a healthy touch also to fight free radicals. Its high content of minerals, amino acids and flavonoids promotes the nutrition of the skin and stimulates its regeneration avoiding wrinkles.
The extract of this root has the property of lightening the skin and its effectiveness is due to its double antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanism, which reduces the production of melanin naturally.


Aloe Vera Leaf Extract:

There is evidence that Aloe vera extract, in certain amounts, can be useful in treating psoriasis without exposing yourself to harmful side effects. For this it is useful to prepare a poultice with gel from this plant.

Aloe vera is an antiseptic and has elements that promote rapid wound healing. It helps to restore circulation around the damaged area, favors cell regeneration, disinfects and, in addition, it has a great power to penetrate the different layers of human skin, with which its effects are very intense.

It helps with acne as it is also a good anti-inflammatory, that is why it is very useful to avoid the reactions produced by an excessive production of fat through the glands of the face. When combined with soap, it helps remove the greasy layer that covers the skin, making the skin cleaner and pores less likely to become inflamed. So it is excellent for oily and prone to acne skins.

It is a very good moisturizer , which helps to care of skin areas that are dry or damaged by excessive exposure to sunlight.

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