Do you suffer from acne?

Do you suffer from acne?

Many factors can affect our skin such as weather conditions, pollution , lifestyle and/or diet but there is a big factor that most of the people do not talk about or do not know about, and this is what I will be talking about in this post.

Mind, body and soul are connected and our body talks to us in different ways, therefore we need to listen carefully to the sings that our body give us, as if we understand why we have certain pain in our knee that comes from no where or suddenly we start suffering with acne, this pain or acne might go.

The emotional meaning of having acne is the lack of self esteem, the desire of being apart from others and the fear of being hurt.  People who suffer from acne usually do not accept themselves, do not love themselves and do not know how to do it. It can also be caused by trying to hard to please or impress someone else, feeling the need they need to prove themselves to others all the time. It can also be caused by the feeling of having a barrier that impede us from being ourselves.

If you suffer from acne and you feel related to any of the things listed above you need to start being conscious of it and release that feeling you are keeping inside you, and once you do it, the acne will go with it.

You need to love yourself, accept yourself and admire yourself. We are all divine creatures and we all have a talent or something that make us special, we just need to find ourselves and discover how amazing we are!


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