What is dermarolling? How to use it at home

What is dermarolling? How to use it at home

The skin is the largest organ of the human body and also the most susceptible to marks and scars. For this reason, the DermaRoller percutaneous collagen induction therapy is an appropriate treatment to recover the youth of the skin from the inside, softening wrinkles, scars, expression lines, stretch marks and blemishes, among other benefits. DermaRoller is a simple method for home and professional use.

The DermaRoller should be slided over the desired area in several directions, penetrating the skin very subtly. In this mechanical stimulation, a cylinder is rolled with small titanium microneedles that cause microlesions. Through these micro-lesions a natural skin repair process is started, during which the release of growth factors occurs. DermaRoller increases the production of collagen and elastin, substances responsible for firmness and elasticity.

DermaRoller is also used as a catalyst to maximize the effects of creams or serums, inducing a better absorption of the active ingredients and taking them to a deeper level, achieving more effective results.


How can we activate the production of collagen?

The natural response to Dermaroller's titanium microneedles causes the cells to reactivate and our skin to repair itself. In this way, our body re-uses substances such as elastin and collagen, responsible for giving our skin a smooth, shiny and smooth appearance. Other treatments, such as exfoliation (chemical peeling), have many deficiencies, since they only treat the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis), without reaching where the collagen is formed. DermaRoller, by creating small non-permanent lesions, ensures repair of the skin from within, causing the synthesis of new collagen.

DermaRoller can be combined with active ingredients such as vitamins, essential for the synthesis of collagen. In addition, serums and creams applied during the use of the roller will be more effective and will increase its absorption considerably due to the total opening of the pores.



- Increases the absorption of active ingredients from 200 to 1000 times more.

-Significantly increases the efficiency of topical products

- Induction of preparations to treat accelerated loss of hair.


- Restores the firmness and elasticity of flaccid skin.

- Increases the thickness of the epidermis activating skin regeneration. 

- Softens wrinkles, fine lines, furrows and crow's feet.

- Improves the texture of the skin.


- Reduces the appearance of scars and acne marks

- Improves the marks caused by chicken pox.

- Improves post-surgical or post-traumatic scars.

- Fills and hides old marks.


- Clarifies pigmentation spots

- Activates the re-pigmentation of white marks on the skin

- Discoloration of the skin, spots caused by sun exposure

- Chronic skin disorders.


- Improves the appearance of stretch marks caused during pregnancy or by loss or sudden weight gain

- Visibly improves the appearance of cellulite.



A Dermaroller is a roller with micro-needles that by passing it on our skin (in this case the lips) accelerates the process of renewal, healing and collagen production of our skin. By accelerating this process we get an increase in temporary blood supply (as for example we get with lip plumpers) but also a long-term effect as we will have thicker, hydrated lips and WE will reduce those wrinkles around them.




We recommend washing the area of ​​skin to be treated with antibacterial soap and drying the area with a clean towel, as well as disinfecting the roller with Roller Cleaner special spray for titanium micro-needles or alcohol.

1. Slide DermaRoller with moderate pressure in vertical, horizontal and both diagonal. Between four and eight times per address.

2. Apply any moisturiser, vitamins or serum immediately after treatment with a gentle massage.

3. Clean the roller with (Roller Cleaner spray or alcohol) and hot water. Let dry and store in protective packaging.



• Performing the treatment at night, before going to bed, will help a rapid regeneration of the skin since the normal reddening of the skin disappears during the hours of sleep

• Do not cover the skin with bandages or dressings and avoid direct contact with Sun and salt water for at least 24 hours after treatment

• Do not use on skin with active acne, irritated or infected by fungus

• Refrain from using industrial cleaners for our roller as they will damage the material, shortened the shelf life of the product.


The measure DermaRoller 0.5mm is recommended for:

- Increasing the absorption of creams and serums
- Daily skin care
- Small dilated pores
- Soft spots
- Meso-therapy


The DermaRoller 0.75mm measurement is recommended for:

- Facial area
- Moderate wrinkles
- Moderate acne scars
- Moderate hyperpigmentation
- Scars
- Soft stretch marks
- Moderate cellulitis
- Small imperfections




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